When the Beatles played their first Hamburg concerts at the “Indra” in 1960, they couldn’t be picky about their accommodation. But little did they know that it would be this bad: “Indra” owner Bruno Koschmider had them sleep at the “Bambi Kino” (“Bambi cinema”) which belonged to him as well. They lived in two filthy, windowless storage rooms next to the projection room which the Beatles dubbed “the black hole of Calcutta”. When the owner of the more respectable “Top Ten” club wanted to hire the Beatles, Koschmider refused to let the band out of their contract. The disappointed boys rioted – allegedly Paul and Pete set a condom on fire, which made Koschmider call the police who found that George was under age. All five of them had to leave Hamburg, and they would only come back the following year. “All these places had their moments” … and the “Bambi Kino” has long since disappeared. Today a painted garage door and a photo of the Beatles commemorate this Holy Place.



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