Astra beer belongs to St. Pauli like the Beatles. There is hardly a pub around the Reeperbahn that doesn’t have Astra Urtyp on offer. In the earliest days, Astra was called Bavaria, since this was also the name of the brewery from Altona, which had been producing it since 1897. After World War I Bavaria merged with the Actien brewery from St. Pauli. In 1997 it was taken over by Holsten-Brauerei AG from Altona, which closed the factory and tore down the iconic “Astra tower”, one of St. Pauli’s landmarks, the shape of which resembled a traditional Astra beer glass. After Carlsberg took over the brand, they started brewing Astra in St. Pauli again, in a microbrewery at Nobistor – but not Astra Urtyp, but special craft beer varieties such as “Keller Kalle” and “Luden Lager”. There is also a rustic menu for a little snack in between drinks. Since then, the “Astra St. Pauli Brauerei” with its party events has become a permanent fixture in St. Pauli.



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