Hamburg, 16th March 2020

Dear Beatles fans, dear festival guests,

dear partners and sponsors and supporters,


Recent developments have confirmed what we had anticipated. We had to decide whether we would continue promoting our festival and incur additional costs for our guests and for ourselves, or whether we would follow the expertise of experts who had predicted the scenario we are currently facing.


All events in Hamburg are prohibited until further notice.

 At the moment, no one can predict how long the present status will last. Therefore we will postpone the festival until next year. We are already looking for a new date, and we will announce it as quickly as possible, as soon as we will regain some planning security.


All purchased tickets, whether standard festival tickets or premium tickets, will remain valid.


In our view, there was no alternative to this proactive decision.


Our initial idea to postpone the whole festival to August 2020 bears the same risks as before, and on top of that, we would not be able to guarantee that the whole programme we had planned can be rescheduled in such a short time.


Still, we want to celebrate the actual Beatles anniversary in August 2020 with a “Come Together Anniversary Special”. We will soon announce exactly what we are planning to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival in Hamburg and the start of their incomparable career.


To shorten the wait for the big “Come Together – The Hamburg Beatles Experience”, we would like to invite all ticketholders, who have not returned their tickets, to our “Anniversary Special” in August.


For now, we will do our best to find a suitable date for the festival in 2021, and we are already in conversation with the numerous club operators and artists.


This will take some time though, since we want to bring a great line-up and supporting programme to the various St. Pauli clubs and stages in 2021.


We would like to say a heartfelt thank you at this point – to all the understanding ticketholders, many of who have written to us, to our partners and sponsors, to the artists and to the club operators who continue to bless us with their support.


We were so close to starting our high-profile festival, and we won’t let the current circumstances stop us from planning this project in order to finally realise it in 2021.


No Hamburg – no Beatles – now more than ever!


Warm regards

Your Come Together team

Hamburg, 4th March 2020

Dear Beatles fans,

The developments of the past days and weeks have led to intensive discussions among our team regarding the feasibility of the “Come Together Experience Festival”, to which we will welcome several thousand visitors from various countries.

According to the renowned Robert Koch Institute, a rapid spread of the “corona virus” is to be expected in Germany, the extent of which cannot be estimated right now. The virus has been active in Germany for a few weeks now, as well as in several countries from which we expect visitors. The number of infected people is still increasing, and it is not foreseeable when a point will be reached when we will be forced to cancel the festival.

It would be grossly negligent to ignore the danger of a possible pandemic. All statements by scientists on the subject are very clear: the virus will continue to spread. Health authorities are keeping all their options open as to how they will react to the possible scenarios. These options could include official requirements we as organisers cannot possibly implement. We believe it better to take action today.

We make every effort to find a new date for the festival as soon as possible. We would like to ask all ticket holders, who have been looking forward to this festival as much as we do, to bear with us and remain patient. We definitely want to announce a catch-up date as soon as possible, but it won’t be an easy task to reschedule all locations and artists. Still, we will do our very best to make the festival possible, and we ask you to support us.

Warmest regards 

Your Come Together Experience team



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